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॥ Jai Hanuman

Eternal Place for the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman

Welcome to the Eternal Place for the devotees of Ram Bhakt Hanuman. Hanuman is known for his courage, strength and ultimate devotion to Shri Rama. At the same time, he is really intelligent, a great yogi and a brahmachari. He is one of the most worshipped gods in the Sanatana Dharma and is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Hanuman is one of the seven chiranjivis (immortals). He is also known as “Sankat Mochan” meaning “the remover of obstacles”, who removes darkness(ignorance) by his light (knowledge).

Hanuman plays a major role along with Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshmana in the Greatest Epic known to man, The Ramayana”. Hanuman Ji helped Lord Rama in finding Mother Sita, getting him and his army from India to Sri Lanka by building a bridge on the Indian Ocean with the help of other vanaras, curing Lakshmana by procuring the Sanjeevani herb and defeating the demon king, Ravana. After Rama’s victory over Ravana, when Lord Rama and Mother Sita returned to Ayodhya, Hanuman continued to serve them, always at their service. Hanuman is still very active on the Earth, protecting the devotees of Lord Rama.


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Hanuman Chalisa

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