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Welcome to the Eternal Place for the devotees of the monkey god, Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is one of the most idolized deities in the Sanatana Dharma. He is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and the greatest devotee of Lord Shri Rama(Vishnu's 7th incarnation). Hanuman is renowned for his courage, strength and faithful, selfless service to Lord Rama. At the same time, he is wise, a yogi and a brahmachari.

Hanuman has the power to assume any form he chooses; He can expand his body to an infinitely large size and reduce it to the size of an atom. He jumped and crossed the Indian Ocean in one leep in order to get information about Mother Sita. Goswami Tulsidas says in the Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman is the destroyer of Rakshasas(demons), devils, ghosts and evils. He is a well knower of all the four Vedas and other sacred texts. He is the wisest of the wise, strongest of the strong and bravest of the brave. He who meditates on him and repeats his name attains power,strength, glory, prosperity and success in life.

Ram Hanuman

Hanuman is one of the seven chiranjivis (immortals). We find his existence in the greatest epic "Ramayana" in which he plays a central character along with Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshmana. Anyone who has read the Ramayana or knows about it, admires Hanuman's divinity and superhuman personality, shaped by his humility, selflessness, determination, fearlessness and his ultimate devotion towards the Supreme, Lord Rama. Hanuman is also known as "Sankat Mochan" meaning "the remover of obstacles", who removes darkness (ignorance) by his light (knowledge). Hanuman assisted Lord Rama in finding Mother Sita, serving as his messenger of peace to Ravana's court, crossing the ocean by building a bridge along with other vanaras, procuring the Sanjeevani herb to cure Lakshmana and defeating the demon king, Ravana. After the victory over Ravana, when Lord Rama and Mother Sita returned to Ayodhya, Hanuman continued to serve them, always at their service. It is believed that Hanuman is very much active on the Earth even today, protecting the devotees of Lord Rama.

Hanuman is worshipped in all parts of India by people from all wakes of life. He is worshipped in the temples as Bhakta Hanuman and Veera Hanuman. He is seen kneeling humbly in front of Lord Rama's and Mother Sita’s idols. As Bhakta Hanuman he is seen holding both hands together in prayer and as Veera Hanuman, he is seen holding a gada (mace) in one hand and the Sanjeevani mountain in the other. He is also worshipped spiritually through bhajans, meditation and chanting of his names.

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