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Chalisa is a Sanskrit word which means 40 verses. Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional song composed of 40 verses in praise of Lord Hanuman. These verses were composed by the Saint Tulsidas who was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Each of these verses describe Hanuman’s life and exploits.

It describes Lord Hanuman’s life in a nutshell. It describes Hanuman’s miraculous feats as a child. It illustrates the important role that Hanuman played in the victory of Lord Rama against the Demon King Ravana, the victory of truth over evil. It describes Hanuman’s superhuman personality and his ultimate devotion towards Lord Rama. It encourages the reader to worship Lord Hanuman as a Spiritual Guide to reach the Supreme God, Lord Rama.

Tulsidas himself says in the Chalisa that one who chants it with full devotion will have Hanuman’s mercy and attain liberation from this material world. He/she will finally reach Lord Rama’s abode, Vaikuntha Loka.

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